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What type of barge      Date:2012-12-13 21:50:33    Click:1525  
    Are many barges types.
    By Purpose
    A guest barge and cargo barge. Passenger barge, designed to transport travelers, features living facilities are generally used for the river passenger. Cargo barge for the carriage of goods, the goods can be divided into dry cargo barge ore barge coal barge, oil barge. The cargo barge general no lifting equipment, relying on the docks unloading mechanical loading and unloading cargo. Cargo barge for transit of goods at the port.
    Open tank barge, with few of hatch hatch barge; located only one cargo, cargo above the full open; deck barge, no cargo hold, cargo is stowed on the deck, the deck is surrounded by hoardings block goods; half tank barge deck stowage of cargo, deck surrounded by a hatch coamings; tank barge, set the tank on the deck airtight container shipment of oil, liquefied gas and liquid cargo tank barge.
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