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Round barges Introduction      Date:2012-12-14 8:57:42    Click:1271  
    Sub-dragging fleet of barges and pushing two. Towed barges, tug and barge, mainly used for the transport of goods, and for passenger transport on the creek (see tugs transport). At sea are generally 1 to 3 barge, a tug towing in the inland towing 10. Basic towed barges for the formation of a type towing. Cable connection between the tug and barge, barge and barge. Pushing fleet of push boats and barges used for transporting goods (peaked push transport). Pushing fleet in two ways: ① ordinary refute top push fleet cable will push boat and barge tied knot made, the fleet has a variety of formations. ② sub-section split pushing barge fleet by pushers and sub-section. Pushers and the split between the sub-section, sub-section split and the split between the sub-section the useful cable connection, useful mechanical connection. At sea, is generally a push boat top pushing a barge; pushing barges dozens of ships in the river, and a push boat. Lower Mississippi River in the United States, a 16,000-horsepower pushers and is composed of more than 40 barges a pushing fleet.
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