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Barge fees calculated?      Date:2012-12-14 8:59:36    Click:1732  
      A barges fee. Fees: Marine visa inspection fee to be paid as required by national laws and regulations, general the gross tonnage billing barge, which is expressly provided for by the State, consistent across the country. The fee: the fee to be paid by the ship lock, berthing, generally gross tonnage billing rates of around inconsistent. Shipping: barge transport goods, the cargo owner to pay to barge boat owners the cost, in terms of the goods tonnage and transport distance. Lease charges: short term and long term. If it is a short-term lease to use, general press the barge tonnage and use time billing, "the barge tonnage × ** $ / hour (the two sides negotiated opinion). If it is a long-term lease, relatively complex, both with regard to the situation of the barge, also involves the use of the leased square last bargaining agree. Second, the use of barges under the following conditions: loading and unloading of cargo, maritime rescue, temporary barge, temporary warehousing.
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